Marlena Zuber is an illustrator and map maker with a career in Community Arts. Her first large scale map of the city was published by Coach House Books in 2005 for uTOpia, Towards a New Toronto. In 2011, Coach House also published a large series of her maps and drawings for Stroll, a monograph of Toronto from a flaneur’s perspective, by Shawn Micallef. In 2013, Marlena collaborated with Matt Galloway of Metro Morning (CBC Radio) and his listeners to create a people’s map of Secret Toronto. Her maps have also been featured at Toronto Harbourfront Centre and at City Hall for Doors Open and they have been published in collections such as All About Maps (Sandu Publishing) and a Map of the World (Gestalten Publishing).

Marlena is currently illustrating a book by urbanist, community catalyst and activist Dave Meslin with the working title “Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy from Ground Up”, to be published by Penguin Randomhouse Canada in 2017. She now lives in a small rural town called Maynooth and works in Bancroft running a Discovery Art Project for people with intellectual disabilities.

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